Data Hygiene

National Change of
Address (NCOA) Service

Each year over 60 million individuals and businesses change their address. With The Information Refinery's NCOA service, your file will be matched up against the full 48 month USPS dataset. We will remove and update any undeliverable or changed addresses. Stop losing money on returned mailings now. Call us today.


An effective email campaign relies heavily on the quality of the list used. If your list contains invalid emails, hard bounces will destroy your send reputation and get your domain blacklisted. The Information Refinery's email validation service will reduce your bounce rate by removing invalid addresses from your database. We will send you back the clean list as well as the list of invalid emails with identification as to why they are invalid. Give us a call before your next campaigns goes live.

Merge / Purge

Need to de-dupe and merge multiple files? The Information Refinery's custom built matching/de-duplication system can better identify duplicate records which will increase deliverability and response. We offer multiple de-duplication methods to choose from which will provide you with the cleanest file in return.

Phone Validation

Stop calling disconnected numbers and start connecting to your customers! The Information Refinery can run your customer phone number database through our phone validation service. We identify which numbers are good to dial and which ones are disconnected. We can quickly check any phone number, cellphone or landline in the US & Canada. Our verification services are done via database lookups to major telecom companies. Additionally we can help you identify if the phone number on your file is a cellphone or landline. Don’t waste time and money on leads that only lead you to dead ends and disconnected phone numbers. Call us today!

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