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The New to Market Renewable Energy Industry Masterfile is Now Available at The Information Refinery!

Mahwah, NJ – July 18, 2018 – Vice President of Sales at THE INFORMATION REFINERY, Brahm Schenkman, announced today that the company now has the new to market Renewable Energy Industry Masterfile and Email Masterfile available for list rental.

The Renewable Energy Industry Marketplace is comprised of active professionals in the renewable energy sector. These include solar, wind and geothermal. Renewable energy provides energy in four important areas: electricity generation, air and water hearing / cooling, transportation and rural (off grid) energy services. These decision makers actively seek timely, accurate information about products, applications, research and materials used in the generation of wind and solar energy and it's effect on the community. Selections include title, business type, markets served and more.

The new to market Renewable Energy Industry Masterfile of 127,419 records is priced at just $150/thousand. Selects include gender, job title, business type, markets served and telemarketing records. The corresponding email masterfile of 75,692 records is also now available for only $325/thousand.

Headquartered in Mahwah, NJ, THE INFORMATION REFINERY is a leading source for sales leads and mailing lists and a full service direct marketing corporation. Incorporated in 1986, the company is headed by founder Gordon Clotworthy and has enjoyed strong, steady growth since its inception.

For more information about this new file, or any other lists managed by THE INFORMATION REFINERY, please contact Vice President of Sales, Brahm Schenkman, by phone at 800-529-9020 or by e-mail at brahm@inforefinery.com.